Summertime { Broken Ankle Version }

We have 5 children and live in the woods.  Our children are outside a lot climbing trees, exploring, riding bikes, etc.  So far we have been very fortunate to avoid broken bones (with the exception of a broken collar bone when Freeland was 1) that is, until now.

Three weeks in a cast may seem like a very long time in the middle of summer!


  1. The hot weather is really going to bother him. Did you know this before you came home from China? Hope the jet lag isn't holding you down. Blessings

  2. Poor guy! It's so hard in the summer. Enjoyed all of your posts about Changsha...we just brought our son home three months ago from Changsha. He is also in a cast (for club foot-9 done so far) unfortunately he still has six more weeks to go...long summer for us too!


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