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Bonus Snow Day!

When you have a snow day after the official first day of spring, it feels like a bonus. And when it is a big enough snow storm to actually close school for not only the four younger kids, but also for Douglas, there is great rejoicing in the Martin household. Add in Chick-Fil-A closing for the day and Douglas having the day off and it feels like a true holiday.

I laughed watching the dog running after Freeland, the snow is deep enough that running is pretty difficult, but they had so much fun!

Eliana was just free-falling into the snow. You can do that when there is a foot of snow to cushion your fall.

We are thinking that we can probably count on at least a delay for school tomorrow. We are hoping anyway, not bad for a spring snow storm...

What They Don't Tell You

As moms we pass the wisdom down from generation to generation...

Don't blink... the time goes so fast... before you know it he will be driving or she will be going off to college...

In our hearts we know it is true. From the sleep deprived days of sobbing into the newborn clothes as we put them away and pull out the next size, we know in our hearts that these days are numbered. 

No one tells you that in the middle of a busy getting-ready-for-school morning. The youngest will take off the "rainbow dash" shoes she decorated for herself with such pride last year and announce that they are too small and she wants older kid shoes now.

No one tells you that those little shoes will be left there on the floor, in front of the heater where she always gets dressed, as if it doesn't even matter that she is walking away from the rainbow dash days.

We keep trying. We try to prepare younger moms for these moments. We keep passing on the wisdom in hopes that the next mom will slow down a little more, soak in the moments more often, say yes a little more often. Because one of these days no one in your house will say that rainbow dash is their favorite color.

In Praise of the Normal

After a rough spell with blinding pain in my head for days then another week of recovery my life has returned to normal this week.

Yeah the normal of this week includes sick children and doctor visits and antibiotics for the 2 with strep. It includes trips to Walmart and juggling who drives which vehicle when and where. It includes the irritation of getting in the vehicle, a little late for an eye doctor appointment, to be greeted by the low fuel level warning and the phone dying as I attempt to send a not so cheerful message to the person who last drove said vehicle. It includes new driver training and looking at very sore throats with my phone flashlight in the middle of the night.

But normal is good.

It includes extra time with kids home from school. It includes chores done well by a proud 9 year old. It includes an early arrival home from work for Keith during tax season. It includes the end of basketball season and the beginning of more time at home for the boys. It includes laughing over the different options available when ordering glasses online with Annika.

It is a combination of the funny, the busy, the frustrating, the well, and the sick moments that make up my life right now. Normal is good. I cannot help but look around and praise God for the normal moments of this life of mine.