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I Want More { A Letter to my Sons }

Today I have the privilege of guest posting over at Don't Let Life Pass You By, a fellow adoptive mom's blog.

Head on over here to read about {some of } my desires for my sons.


Homeschooling- How Do We Love Thee? #7 { a guest post by Freeland }

The following post was written by Freeland. I did give him a few ideas before he started writing but the post was written by him and is unedited.  These are his opinions put into his words.

My name is Freeland Martin. I'm in 5th grade.  Up to this point I have gone to Hamlin Mennonite School.  It was a pretty good school.  I just grew up there so I kind of liked it.

This is the first year we are homeschooling.  There are some negative and positive things about homeschooling. One of the positive things about homeschooling is that it is more flexible.  For example on Friday morning we took Daddy out for breakfast on his birthday, we could not have done that if we had to leave for school at a certain time.  Another good thing is that it doesn't take as long.  Another good thing is that my dog can be right with me all day.  I like that!

A negative thing is that the schoolwork is harder.  Some of the stuff I didn't learn before but it is review for A Beka students.  When I went to school if my morning jobs weren't finished by time to leave I had to go anyway but now I always have to finish my jobs before I start school and sometimes I have to do a job during school time.  That isn't so nice! 

My favorite subjects are History and Math.  In History I am studying about India.  It is pretty good I think.

On Monday we had a Tropical Storm come through.  We thought it would be worse but it wasn't that terribly bad.  We did our school downstairs so that if a tree fell on our house we wouldn't be hurt.

I have been in the house for two days and I have a lot of energy, so Mommy said I should go run on the treadmill now.

Thank you for reading my blog post!

A Perfect Day

The weather is just amazing in my little corner of the world! So what does any sensible mommy of four who is babysitting three more do? Well, she takes the whole crew fishing, of course! Actually only the boys went fishing. The rest of us blew bubbles and chased them and played with water and buckets and stones. It was glorious!

Then we ate lunch. And while we were eating, a bald eagle soared over the lake we were sitting beside! Absolutely awesome!

I never want to forget these simple joys. These days when all of my kiddos are right here and we can load up and go on a picnic on a whim just because the day is too beautiful to NOT go. And when catching a tiny fish is reason enough to celebrate loudly.