Annika's First Volleyball Game

I know this is some type of blogging record for me at this stage of life, 2 posts in one week! But I look back through this blog as a record of important family events and Annika's first ever volleyball game needs to be recorded.

It was a good game and fun to watch her as she is learning all of the appropriate moves and positions. I can't wait to see her confidence grow as the season progresses. I intended to send a t-shirt with her to wear under her shirt since she is so small, but forgot to do so. She borrowed a camisole to at least make it a little more modest. Mom fail there, but we will do better next time.

Her team won the first set, but lost the next 2, so they lost the game, but I was glad they won one of the sets. I expect I will learn a lot about volleyball as the season progresses as well!

Anyway here she is, number 25, the tiniest and cutest volleyball player on the team!

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