Waiting Child- Yana

There is something about this little girl that stirs my heart. The first time I saw her picture I gasped at how absolutely beautiful she is!

This is Yana.  She is 2 1/2 years old.  She has cerebral palsy that effects all four limbs.  Her type of cerebral palsy is called quadriplegia with an athetoid component. She also has decreased head and trunk control.

 Here is what Pat Marcus said about her, "She has a smile that would stop the room. She did not like lying on her back but when in supported sitting, She looked right into the camera. She is a really beautiful girl."

 She desperately needs a family who will love and believe in her!  She needs the therapies that will allow her to reach her full potential.

Yana currently resides in an orphanage.  Pat Marcus met her in June and spoke briefly about her in this webinar (this is part 2 of a webinar, you can find part 1 here).  Another webinar is scheduled on September 20th at 7pm EST  where Pat will speak more about her and the other children she met on her most recent trip to China with Superkids.  You can register to attend the webinar here.

Yana is designated to Gladney through a partnership program with the orphanage in charge of her care.  If you would like more information about her you can contact  Judy Hayes at Judy.Hayes@gladney.org or 432-563-3344.

Or if you you have questions about her or about working with Gladney you can contact me at erinmrtn@yahoo.com.


  1. so wish she was in Taiwan and not China (we do not qualify for china on so many levels :( ! She is such a doll and I know she has huge potential! My Jeremiah has come so far since coming home and it appears she is not near as severe as Jeremiah. I am praying so hard for her a family! Wish someone could go pick her up and bring her back to me!

  2. This sweet girl's smile reminds me of our daughter's when we saw her waiting in China. The family that steps out and chooses her will be blessed beyond measure. You can read our daughter's story: thelittlegirlinpink.blogspot.com

    I hope she meets her forever family soon!


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