Jiangxi -Day 4 (Picture Post!)

Rice fields just outside of Nanchang.


Chelsea loving on a sweet baby

Baby loving right back

This baby girl grabbed all of our hearts!

This little girl was just precious! She loved Gongzhan! Here he is helping her put a headband on. 

Here she is holding his hand as we got a tour of the orphanage.

And here she is waiting patiently while he discusses something with Rocky
Baby buggies!



  1. Awe....this is about does me in and I am not even THERE?!?!:/ can hardly wait to see who God places in YOR family!!:) love love all the pics!!! Even tho it makes my heart hurt!! What an experience!!
    His continued blessings to you....

  2. Oh my cuteness on those babies! Give one a squish from me!!!


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