Warm & Cozy

We changed things up around here today.  Monday is our day for doing Science and History.  Our most fun school day of the week.  This morning the temperature was near 40 degrees and I knew it was supposed to steadily fall throughout the day. I decided to send the tribe out to play while the temperature was a little higher this morning and do jobs and school this afternoon and evening.

By noon it was in the twenties and very windy.  They all came in hungry and cold.  After baked potatoes for lunch the girls snuggled in bed for a nap and the boys congregated on the sofa with two of them under an electric blanket to watch a documentary about space travel.  They had to use my phone because our internet was not working properly, but where there is a will there is a way!


Now it is almost 5 in the evening.  We are wrapping up the jobs for the day and almost ready to start school.  Keith is working this evening, so we are looking forward to a warm, cozy evening of studying about the moon and about the time period directly following the Genesis flood.  Doesn't that sound FUN?  Just another reason we love homeschooling!

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