Homeschool Convention 2014, Cousins, and a Heat Wave

On Friday we attended the annual Harrisburg Homeschool Convention.  As always, everyone had a very fun day.  Between listening to a wonderful storyteller tell stories from American history, picking out next year's science curriculum, and seeing all of the various vendor's stands, there was something for everyone to enjoy.  Douglas found a violin stand and tried out a few of the violins. He and another young man played various hymns for quite awhile.

Mother's Day found us headed to New Jersey to visit one of Keith's brothers.  His mother was also there, and two of his other brothers with their families, so it was a very pleasant afternoon.  I didn't take many pictures, but always love photos of these two little girls together.

We have been experiencing a nice little heat wave the last couple of days.  We know what to do about that!  :)

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