Kazakh Picnic

This morning we got up bright and early and headed off to New York City.  Our destination was Central Park, where the Kazakh Consulate was hosting a picnic.  They did a wonderful job of making it very fun for everyone!  And our little Kazakh girlie especially loved being there.

They had games...


and lots of fun!

We are now relaxing in a hotel getting ready for another fun day tomorrow, when we are planning to attend a Gladney picnic.  It was so wonderfully convenient that these two events came together like this!


  1. It was so nice to meet you and your family today, I hope we will get to see you again soon?

  2. Erin, What an honor it was to me you and your beautiful children in person today. I enjoyed talking with you so much at the picnic, I wish we had more time together :). Try and come to KP at the end f the month, I am sure you and your whole family would LOVE it. Enjoy today at your other picnic.
    Best, Carolyn ( Henry's mom )

  3. you are so lucky you got such a beautiful and adorable family.. i wish you good luck where ever you go Erin dear :)


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