The Superkids 2014 Team is on the move!

Today my sister, Hannah, is flying in to Harrisburg.  We leave shortly to go pick her up.  Chelsea left the US today.  She will be visiting family for a couple of days before joining the rest of us in Beijing on Sunday.  The team is officially on the move!

I have two big suitcases packed, the last package I was expecting arrived just a few minutes ago.  These suitcases are filled with things for the children.  I have a few clothes in one of them, the rest is all bottles, hairbows, balls, etc.  I have a few last minute things to put in the last suitcase.  I'm charging batteries on all electronic devices.  Pretty much I'm ready to walk out the door.

I will try to post updates here daily.  We are also hoping (internet and VPN permitting) to post a daily video diary at this Youtube channel.  Follow it to follow our journey.

Superkids 2014 is underway!


  1. Excited!! Looking forward to your post! Praying for you all!!

  2. Excited for you, Erin! Asking our Father to keep you strong and well. He is faithful!

  3. Sweet friend,
    Thanks for posting that little gift!
    I realized that I didn't take a pic before I shipped the package in my hurry. Praying for all of you and to hear about when that special gift is given:)

  4. i am too excited to read your post about Beijing dear :) God Bless ya :)


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