Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing-Wax...

This is going to be a truly random post.  So much is happening right now and I've been doing a poor job of chronicling it all.

A beautiful church we visited on Sunday morning.

On Sunday we went to Gladney's Larchmont picnic.  It was such a lovely day!  I had the amazing experience of meeting one of the little ones I met in China last year who is now home with her family.  She is so beautiful and happy!  It was a highlight of the day for sure!

A first introduction to cotton candy!
I also got to speak to parents who are waiting to bring home children whom I hope to meet when I go to China in two weeks.  (Did you hear that?! Two weeks?!)

Pat, Chelsea, and I
As we were driving home Keith and I decided that it would be a good idea to upgrade my camera before my trip. So... we did a little research, honestly we didn't need to do much since I already pretty much knew which one I wanted (just in case, you know!), and we ordered it.  My Canon 6D arrived on Wednesday.  It is so nice because it really helps me to minimize the impact that my shaky hands (thank you, lupus) has on my photos.

One of the first pictures I took with my Canon 6D

Also on Wednesday, a donation of 150 finger puppets arrived on my doorstep.  A huge thank you to the Sykes family for sending these!  I'm sure the little ones in China are going to have fun with them!  Then there were the 100 inflatable balls.  And the memory cards for the video camera.  And the photo paper and ink for the photo printer.

And, just in case you are wondering, my suitcases are filling up fast!  But it is so amazing and wonderful to fill them up knowing that they will be almost empty when I come home!

On a totally different note, I have had a lady coming in to help me get my house cleaned.  It is such a blessing to see the dirt disappearing as she scrubs the walls, windows, baseboards, and floors!  


  1. Beautiful pics! Not gonna lie - I'm envious of your new toy! LOL And soooo excited for your trip!!!

  2. look at the happiness of that lovely boy upon seeing the cotton candy :) he is too adorable and so are you Erin :)


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