"Fun Day"

You know how my children are going to school here in Texas? Well, we decided to plan a fun afternoon for everyone before we leave. We made lunch for everyone (80 pigs in a blanket, oh yes we did!), including the moms and preschoolers who could come and then had relay races and games after lunch.

Everyone ate and laughed and cheered themselves hoarse.

Relay race wearing big boots.

Three-legged relay race.

At the end of the day my youngest brother, Jesse, came and joined the games. Everyone cheered and he did not disappoint with his amazing 12 1/2 foot jump in Jump the River!

I think everyone had a very good day. I mean what is not to love about food and games with family and friends?

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  1. This reminds me of the annual school picnics at Grays Prairie!!! Good memories. :)

    ~Ellen P.


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