Like A Dream

I am a quiet, introverted person. I don't have very many friends. It takes me a long time to feel like I know someone well enough to speak openly with them. So when one of my friends visits it is a big deal. Especially when it is a friend from Texas whom I never expected to have the privilege of hosting. Add to that the fact that her daughter is one of my dearly loved "Superkids" and you pretty much have a too good to be true situation.

But the tickets are purchased and plans are laid. Tomorrow at this time, God willing, my friend and I will be solving the entire world's problems together. We are good at that.

On Friday we will travel together to NYC to attend the Superkids Gala where we will see the wonderful people I go to China with and the ladies from the NYC Gladney office. All in one place! With a photographer there to document it all! :)

To think of Kelly, Keely, Chelsea, April, Leta, Wendy, and Gongzhan all being at one location... Well, let's just say, it is this girl's dream come true.

P.S. Try to say Kelly, Keely, Chelsea five times in a row and see how convoluted it becomes.

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