My Crazy Life

I leave for China tomorrow. I am flying out of JFK at 4:30 in the afternoon. But tomorrow is the children's last day at our Classical Conversations homeschool group. I want to be there for that, so the plan is that the whole family will go to CC in the morning then Keith and I (and maybe Eliana) will leave when we need to and Douglas will bring the rest of the crew home when they are finished. So I need to leave the house with all of my luggage at 8:30 in the morning.

I had an MRI of my brain this morning. I have enough neurological symptoms that the neurologist thought we should get a scan just to see what may be going on. So I'm waiting on results while preparing to leave the country for 2 weeks. They will call Keith with the results so I won't have to wait until I get home to know if anything showed up. But it is all just a little weird and stressful.

My bags are all packed! I just have to put my computer in and I'm ready to go. I really think it is going to be an exceptional trip! There are several ways you can  follow our team while we are in China! You can follow us on the Superkids blog. We are planning to post there twice a day. Once with advocacy camp updates, and once with Superkids team updates, so be sure you check in often! We will also be posting on our Facebook page. Like that page to see photos and videos as we go! And then there is Periscope. We will be streaming live videos on Periscope like we did on our last trip! If you aren't familiar with Periscope you can download the free app on Apple or Android devices then search for Superkids. Follow us there and you will get a notification when we are live! The videos are available for 24 hours so even if you miss the live stream you can still watch the video!

Next stop, Shanghai!

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