Where To Even Begin?

I went to China and then pretty much dropped off the face of the earth as far as blog land is concerned. Let me explain just a bit.

The Friday after I arrived home I went to Delaware to take pictures at a wedding. It was so fun but so exhausting just after getting home. And I really wasn't feeling well, so just extra tiring.

The next Wednesday we held the fundraising dinner for Oasis Chorale. We were very involved in the planning, so it was a l-o-n-g day. But it was a fun, successful evening.

The next morning I had a lumbar puncture then we left to attend the Why Jesus? Conference in Maine. By this time I was so exhausted that I stayed at the hotel most of the time. I did go for the evening service and I was so thankful that I did! Ravi Zacharius spoke on the topic Why Jesus? and I don't remember a lot of the service, but I do remember the part where he spoke about the place of pain in a Christian's life. He used illustrations that related directly to me. He talked about the intense back pain he has experienced and also used an illustration of a women who had rheumatoid arthritis and experienced severe joint pain. He talked about how pain makes us rely on God more and the testimony of a person who lives with pain can bring so much glory to God. It was amazing!

Since then my life has been a whirl of doctor's appointments and tests. The new rhuematologist I started going to in January has really questioned the lupus diagnosis I was given a few years ago. I've had a brain MRI, which came back slightly abnormal, so we followed that with a spinal tap. The spinal tap showed no abnormalities in my spinal fluid, which is good since they were testing for things like MS and cancer. But it left us with more questions than answers!

Just this week I had an appointment with the rheumatologist on Monday. He ordered several more tests so I had X-rays done that day. Then I went to the neurologist on Wednesday, had a radioactive bone scan yesterday, and need to get bloodwork done tomorrow or Monday. I'm very hopeful that all of this is going to give us a diagnosis so that we can figure out a treatment plan and hopefully I can begin to feel functional again!

Oh yeah, And I'm not allowed drive per doctor's orders right now. So someone has to take me everywhere I go!

Will you please pray with me that we will have answers to my health issues very soon?


  1. Oh Erin! I am lifting you up for sure!

  2. God bless you, Erin on your health journey. He is truly our Great Physician and has a plan beyond what any of us can ever imagine. I know the journey well (altho currently to a lesser degree than it seems you are walking it), and I know the 'well meaning advice' from concerned friends and family, bless their hearts for caring! I know that I find myself feeling best when I eat mostly whole plant foods and especially raw ones that still are 'living' to feed my cells. I pray that you feel better soon and that you have answers if God wants you to have them...and wisdom to follow as He leads you. I know that he will give you what you need for the areas of service He calls you to.
    Marcia Zimmerman

  3. Yes, I will pray...I've been wondering what you're finding. Blessings and wisdom to you and your doctors! ~Jeanene


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