Vacation and Oasis Tour Time!

Tomorrow morning the children and I plan to leave bright and early to drive to Texas. Since I can't drive right now we will be relying on Douglas to do all of the driving. We are hoping to arrive at my parents' house by Sunday evening, but if that is pushing it we may end up getting a hotel Sunday night and finishing the trip Monday morning.

I'm planning to spend a few days there before flying up to Baltimore to meet Keith so that I can accompany him on the Oasis Chorale summer tour. We will be traveling from Virginia to South Carolina this time. You can see our calendar of events here. If you are along the route holler and maybe we can meet! I would love to see any and all of you at one of the concerts!

The children will be staying in Texas while we are on the tour. They are pretty excited about that. I wonder if they will be excited when they are hauling hay in 100+ temperatures? They always have such a wonderful time there, so I'm not worried.

I have to admit that all of this looks pretty overwhelming to me in my current physical condition. We are trying to build as much cushion and time to relax into the schedule as we can, but your prayers are much appreciated.

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