And This Week... CHINA!

I go to China regularly, but I still always hit this stage of disbelief just before I go. "One week from now our first day in the orphanage will be over..." It is surreal, like when you know you are going to be living in a different world for a little while.

I think that feeling is even more distinct this time thanks to the busyness and extra stress of the last month. I made 2 unexpected trips to Texas and said good-bye to one of the dearest people in my life. And it has been hard to really focus on normal things.

Updated Passport

But now, this week... China! And my oldest son is going. I love visiting with Douglas about all kinds of things. He is a sweet, chatty kid who is easy to get along with and travel with. He is very helpful and is always looking out for me and making sure I don't carry too much, etc.  He is exceptionally good at making little ones feel comfortable. And I get to take him to China! He has never traveled internationally (he has been to Mexico, but just a walk across the border type of visit) so I can't wait to see how he responds to everything.

I have dreams of taking each of the children on trips like this after they graduate from high school. Who knows what the future holds with my health and other factors, but I'm so happy that I have this trip with Douglas planned.

And a 10 year visa! Woo Hoo!! (I told him to cover the personal info with his hand)

Our flight leaves from JFK on Friday morning, so we will probably go up to Newark or NYC for the night on Thursday rather than disrupting the Friday morning routine for the children here.

We are still looking for a few donations, you can see our wish list here. Mostly these will be for trips happening a little later this fall, so if you can help, the items do not have to be here by the time I leave. I'll be getting them to the teams that need them. Thank you for what you have helped us with!

We will be posting trip updates on the Superkids blog and Facebook page as well as here. We are hoping to live stream to Facebook this time. I'm pretty excited about that fun option!

Please pray for us as we prepare to go and while we are in China. We appreciate it so much!

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  1. Excited to follow along with your trip, as my own trip to China is only a month away! :)


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