China Pictures

I've been sorting, organizing, and editing pictures from our trip to China, thousands and thousands pictures.

As I look though them one very special thing keeps standing out to me. Picture after picture of Douglas playing with children. Big children, little children, children with minor special needs and children with more involved needs. He so genuinely enjoyed playing with each of them.

The person who does the general volunteer job is often in a lot of my pictures since the spend so much time playing with the children, it is just extra special that it could be him this time!

And then there is Rocky! I have a bunch of pictures of him too because he is generally the one to give care packages to children from their families, but I came across this gem today and have to share it! He works so hard to make sure our trips go smoothly and that we are as comfortable as possible the whole time we are there! I often think it is like herding cats to get us through that long trip and the many miles we travel while we are in China, but he does it well and with a smile on his face. His love for the children is easy to see too. Every trip there are one or two children that he is exceptionally concerned about.

And then there are the food pictures. Ah, the food pictures! For the most part, Douglas and I both loved it! Though I have to admit I really don't eat much meat while I'm there!

Of course there are more, but I'll save them for another post. We went on a farris wheel one night which was pretty amazing.


  1. Welcome home! I loved seeing these pictures because I'm taking off for China in just a couple days, and I'm SO EXCITED! :)

  2. just curious but our these Gladney Superkids trips open too anyone?


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