Christmas in Texas

I knew when we were coming down to Texas that we would have a special Christmas. That is just a given.

But I didn't expect that my mother had made dolls for all the girls. Now you need to understand that there were 12 little girls here. This was no undertaking! Each one had clothes, including little petticoats complete with ribbons. Watching her hand them out was a sweet experience.

And I didn't expect that she and Papa would have designed t-shirts and gotten matching ones for all of the men and boys.

I didn't expect them to also put together these beautiful, thoughtful baskets of kitchen items from the Pioneer Woman line which we all love for each of the ladies.

I didn't expect to not only have a beautiful, delicious meal on Christmas Day, but to also have a feast the next night too. Josh should really open a restaurant. The meat he smokes is just incredible!

I didn't expect to have an impromptu barn dance and to get to watch my papa dancing with his tiny granddaughters. We tried the Virginia Reel; Oh Suzanna; Heel, Toe Polka; the Cotton Eyed Joe; and The Macarena. 

I knew it would be good, but I didn't expect it to be as sweet as it has been.

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