Kiss That Pig!!

We are sending our children to Blue Mountain Christian School this year. Last night was a PTF spaghetti supper and they decided to do a little mini-fundraiser in conjunction with it.

A couple of weeks ago these jugs decorated like pigs showed up in the lunch room. There was one for each teacher and the children could put money in the jugs. Whoever had the most money in their jug by last night would need to kiss a pig in front of all of us.

Excitement was high as the three teachers with the most money in their jugs were called to the front.

Mrs. May seemed pretty excited to come in third this time.

Then it was between Mr. Batz (Freeland's teacher) and Mrs. Batz (Annika's teacher).

Mr. Batz won!! And the table behind us where Freeland and his friends exploded with cheers and laughter.

Not the greatest photo, but it had to be included!
First came the application of lipstick so we would know he had actually kissed the pig.

Then the kiss...

Then another kiss just in case someone had failed to capture it on camera.

I have to say, seeing the children entering in and laughing with their friends does this mama's heart good!

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  1. Oh that's hilarious! We're going to be sending the last 3 kids off to school in the fall at a small private school, and I hope we have half as much fun!


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