Out, In, Out, In, & Out Again

It's been a little busy around these parts. (All pictures from the time in Texas)

You see, there is the flu. And the flu is a very nasty thing that, once it gets ahold of me, refuses to let go for weeks on end, making everything seem worse and busier and more difficult than it would be otherwise.

There was a funeral in Ontario that we wanted to go to. We did not know the man who passed away that well, but we know almost all of his children and have counted several of them as our dearest friends through the years. Only Keith and I went, so that part was fun. We rarely have 2 days together like that. I have to say, I'm extremely thankful that after 18 years of marriage there is no one I'd rather spend time with. He forgot his passport and I almost thought the drive to the Canadian border may have been in vain, but they let us through. And then the US border patrol let us back through. So that was good.

Then there was Levi's wedding. The whole family flew down to Texas last Thursday. Douglas was a groomsman. It was beautiful and sweet. We ate brisket and barbecue and potato salad and wedding cupcakes. Never was a groom so handsome. Never a bride more excitedly sweet.

But we walked back into our house on Monday afternoon beyond exhausted (remember the flu's chokehold) knowing that I needed to leave for Taiwan 5 days later. And that I had not yet begun to prepare.

But here we are, I leave in about 12 hours. The suitcases are mostly packed. I'll need to throw a few things in tonight, but it is basically done. I think things are in decent order here for the ones at home. It amazes me how it all pulls together.

This trip looks relatively easy compared to China trips. We will be in Taipei the whole time, in the same hotel. We see fewer children per day, meaning we have more time with each child. I'm sure we will still feel tired and busy, but it should be easier in a lot of ways. You can follow along on the Superkids blog or on the Superkids Facebook page. I may even post here, we shall see.

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