Defender Day 2017

I mostly volunteer at school events so that I can take pictures. Don't tell the children, because I really do love seeing them have fun at school, but the photos I bring home are just so fun!

Each team designed a shield.

Here are the "Purple Peacemakers"

So today was Defender Day. The entire school was divided up into 5 teams. Each team had a color and all wore t-shirts in their color. I had a child in every team except for the green team, so I just cheered for all the teams.

The day started with a treasure hunt. Then we moved on to the most elaborate relay race I have ever seen. It included pie eating, digging for coins, shooting pie plates with little arrows, carrying buckets of water to "fill the moat", chugging down entire cans of soda, and many other fun things.

The games continued throughout the day. In the end they tallied the points for all of the teams and the purple team won! This was Annika's team and she was super excited to be on the winning team! And each team member got a huge chocolate bar.

Only 3 1/2 more school days this year!

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