Favorite Things

Note: The post is not entirely about Benjy, but there are just so many cute pictures and so little space to share them... I'm sure you understand!

Here we are. December, that most wonderful time of the year. Excitement is running high in the Martin household! We are trying something different this year with gift giving. Each child is making homemade gifts for the rest of the family. Annika and Casper are using their budding sewing skills and Eliana is measuring and pouring ingredients to make a special gift for each one. I really love the amount of thought, time, and effort that goes into these gifts. Helping Annika and Casper choose the perfect fabric for each family member was just precious.

I'm also keeping the sewing machine busy while the children are away at school. It is my goal to make something for each of the children this year. Skirts for the girls and fleece jackets for the boys. I've made a good start, but have quite a ways to go!

The post title is Favorite Things for a reason. I not only love the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas, but have had a few extra special things happen this month. My birthday was last week and my sweet, sweet family in Texas schemed to surprise me with a box of gifts. I opened the box to find gifts and cards from all of them! My parents, nieces, nephews, sisters, sisters-in-law, brothers... you get the idea. It was so fun! I may have sobbed into the handmade dishcloths for a few minutes, but they were happy tears!

Just look at that little moose booty!

Then on Thursday night we went to the children's Christmas play at school. Casper had a main part in the play, Freeland played in the bucket band, and the girls sang their sweet little hearts out. I love watching these productions!

The bucket band

To top it all off some of my "soul sisters" visited on Saturday and Sunday. The conversation was so refreshing and soul nourishing! They are the laugh-until-you-can't-breathe then share-the-things-closest-to-your-heart type of friends. The kind that you don't meet often in a lifetime. I am so thankful to have them in my life!

Annika made this little hat for Benjy and he seemed to really like it!

And... we can't leave out little Benjy, Benjamin, Baby BB... He is Keely's little 6 month old chunky little hunk of perfection. That boy! He had us all wrapped around his chubby little finger. He especially loved Annika and she has not yet stopped talking about that very important fact.

Mashed potatoes were a big hit!
December is not even half over and we have already had a wonderful one! And there is more come...

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